Change Package

for your personal transformation

Let’s move mountains in your life together.

Grow beyond yourself and break your limits. Are you ready for the next step in your life, for the next big change?

You don’t know how to start your transformation, but you feel that fire burning within you?

Perhaps you are currently experiencing a time of personal upheaval, often leaving no stone unturned. After that, you often don’t recognize yourself anymore. Such phases are simply exhausting and draining for us. You feel overwhelmed, left alone and helpless.

Are you currently in a challenging and difficult time? Are you looking for someone who gives you support and stands by your side spiritually?

You are ready for the next level? Invite me into your life and let’s move the mountains in your life together.

Decide now for the great change package “Be different” – You are the difference.

10-week Change Package

10 online sessions combining Reading and Mentoring to help you identify your unique skills sets.

One session will be conducted online every week within a duration of 10 weeks, consisting of 60 minutes each for reading and mentoring. Recognize your unique abilities and gifts and strengthen your self-worth and self-confidence. Learn how to accept yourself, take yourself seriously and treat yourself with self-love.

Our weekly sessions will take place via teams. You will also have access to my private WhatsApp number for individual support between the mentoring sessions.

You will receive a soul, healing or motivational painting, that touches you deeply in your subconscious, providing valuable impulses for your unique change.

While you sleep peacefully, I will provide you with 5 × 30 minutes of energetic healing treatment. On top of that you will get an additional free evaluation of your energy or aura system.

Decide now for your personal change!