Your Soul Painting

reveals your hidden inner beauty

A soul painting is an individual artwork that unveils the true expression of your soul.

My soul paintings for you are intuitively crafted, personally designed artworks that deeply touch you from within. These images provide ultimate support and empowerment while conveying your deepest feelings and emotions. Beyond your words they speak their own unique language.

The colors and patterns of our soul are colorful, sparkling, inspiring, motivating, free and alive. A soul painting reveals your hidden inner beauty and gives you the opportunity to realize your potential. It unveils you in your authentic expression of your soul.

Along with your individually created artwork, you will receive a message channeled by me, with personal information for you. It’s a sort of love letter from your soul to yourself.

To create a soul painting for you, we’ll arrange a brief introduction session to determine exactly what type of image is right for you.

Creating such an artistic masterpiece requires time for a successful connection and painting process. It takes approximately 4 weeks, excluding shipping time, for the image to be completed. Therefore, please plan with enough lead time.

Soul Painting / Power Painting / Birth Painting

Your individual artwork, including an additional personal writing.

Choose a soul painting, one that deeply touches your subconscious with its colors and symbols.

Would you perhaps prefer a power painting that strengthens yourself with its energy and specially formulated intentions?

Or how about a birth painting? In this case, I create individual images for newborns and infants. It is also possible to create a unique birth painting for adults. This image will be based on exact birth data.

All of my artwork will reach you with a personal heartfelt written message.